Imagine the joy you can bring to someone's life this holiday season by giving them the gift of better hearing.

Hear for the Holidays 2023 | Bringing the Gift of Better Hearing to Your Loved Ones

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Hear for the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and making lasting memories with loved ones. However, for some, the festivities can be marred by hearing difficulties. 

At Audicles Hearing Services in San Antonio, we understand the importance of fully participating in these cherished moments, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce the return of our Hear for the Holidays giveaway for 2023. 

Why We Do It 

We know that our commitment to the community goes far beyond just providing exceptional hearing care. We believe in the transformative power of better hearing and its ability to enhance lives. 

Many individuals aren’t fully aware of the profound impact hearing loss can have on their quality of life and relationships until it’s brought to their attention by a caring friend or family member. This belief in the power of hearing to connect and enrich lives is at the core of our mission. 

Our team is dedicated to educating and supporting our community in their journey to better hearing. We firmly believe that by spreading awareness and offering assistance, we can reduce the need for treatment and improve the overall well-being of our community. 

Meet Our Previous Winner: Mrs. Maria Cruz 

In 2022, Mrs. Maria Cruz became the deserving recipient of our Hear for the Holidays giveaway. Her story touched our hearts and reaffirmed our commitment to making a positive impact in our community. 

Maria’s daughter-in-law, Mariela Perez, wrote a touching nomination highlighting Mrs. Cruz’s dedication to her large family and her role as a primary caretaker for an elderly person in need. Despite her own hearing challenges, Maria selflessly cared for others. 

With her new hearing aids, Maria could amplify conversations around her, even in noisy situations, and make her caregiving tasks more manageable.


We were honored to be a part of her journey toward better hearing. 

Audicles Winner for Hear for the Holidays

How to Nominate 

Now, it’s your chance to make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season. You can nominate a deserving individual, whether it’s a loved one or a community member, to win a complimentary pair of premium prescription hearing aids and premium hearing care. 

To nominate, simply complete the nomination form on our website and share in detail why your nominee deserves to win. Tell us their story, their struggles, and how better hearing can enhance their quality of life. Nominations are open until November 30, 2023. 

After that, our dedicated team will carefully evaluate each nomination to select the winner, who will be announced shortly after. We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible when nominating someone. It’s these personal stories that truly touch our hearts and guide our decision. 

Give the Gift of Better Hearing 

Imagine the joy you can bring to someone’s life this holiday season by giving them the gift of better hearing. The winner will receive a comprehensive hearing assessment and be fitted with a new pair of hearing aids, ensuring they have a joyful and connected holiday season! 

We encourage you to participate and make a positive impact on the life of someone in our community. Your nomination could change their life and create unforgettable holiday memories. 

Submit your nomination

Good luck, and let’s make this holiday season a time for better hearing, heartfelt connections, and the gift of joy. Together, we can make a difference in our community. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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Dr. Tracy Board Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Board began her career in audiology after completing her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and the doctoral program at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has been fortunate to work in a plethora of healthcare and educational settings. As a result, she has perfected the art of effective adult and pediatric treatment. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Board works directly with her state and national organizations to not only improve the quality of audiological healthcare in Texas, but also to advocate for her patients.