We’ve got to choose one San Antonian, but Hear for the Holidays is about spreading a larger message

The Winner of 2022’s Hear for the Holidays Giveaway…

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Hear for the Holidays, Patient Resources

Audicles Hearing Services is pleased to announce another Hear for the Holidays winner.

Once again, we asked the San Antonio community to nominate friends and loved ones affected by hearing loss. Our goal is to find a local person who can seriously benefit from improved hearing.

The 2022 winner gets brand-new hearing aids and ongoing audiological care from our team. After their initial hearing assessment, we’ll continue monitoring their devices to make sure they perform perfectly.

We’ve got to choose one San Antonian, but Hear for the Holidays is about spreading a larger message. There’s a good reason for the competition’s name.

The holidays are a time for celebration, often with a lot of noise. For those with hearing loss, these gatherings can be really difficult. We all have a responsibility to plan ahead and be aware of this, especially for large events. If you or someone you know is affected by hearing loss, take a look at these useful tips.

We can finally announce the winner of the 2022 Hear for the Holiday competition.

Introducing Mrs. Maria Cruz

Winner Mrs. Maria Cruz

We’re overjoyed to name Mrs. Maria Cruz as the winner!

Maria’s daughter-in-law, Mariela Perez, wrote a touching nomination.

Mrs. Maria Cruz is part of a large family. She already has many grandchildren and she’ll soon have a third great-grandchild on her family tree.

Hearing loss shouldn’t stand in the way of spending time with her loved ones. Her new hearing aids will amplify conversations around her, even in noisy situations. They’ll work in quiet situations too, like while Maria is gardening.

Despite her hearing loss, Mrs. Maria Cruz took it upon herself to become a primary caretaker for an elderly person in need. For the last two years, she’s dedicated a lot of time and energy to this.

Good-quality hearing aids will hopefully make this valuable endeavor even easier.

With lots of family, plus more great-grandchildren on the way, these invaluable hearing aids will make a huge difference. We’re going to do our best to help her maximize her hearing, through ongoing support.

It wasn’t easy to choose from the nominations this year, and it never is. We felt honored to read each one. From all of us at Audicles Hearing Services, thank you.

If you need to get in touch to discuss your or a loved one’s hearing, don’t hesitate to contact our San Antonio office by following this link.

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