Virtual Audicles Our Home-Based Hearing Care Solution

For years, some people have been connecting friends and family members overseas or doing business on several continents using video conferencing technology.

Thanks to 2020, we all learned a lesson about how interacting in public can put our health at risk. Since then, people of all ages across Texas have been making video calls so they can remain connected with the people they love outside their home and community.

Audicles has taken advantage of this use of tele-conferencing technology to provide our patients a home-based hearing care solution to meet their needs, Virtual Audicles. Though COVID-19 brought tele-audiology to the forefront, we continue to offer it to our patients because it overcomes travel, scheduling, health, and other challenges that can make attending an in-office appointment inconvenient or unworkable.

Regardless of the reason for needing home-based hearing care, Virtual Audicles is available to connect you with your audiologist using your smartphone, laptop, or PC and tele-conferencing technology for a face-to-face virtual consultation.

A senior couple seeing an audiologist online at home

How Does A Virtual Audicles
Appointment Work?

Unlike many other health sectors, licensed audiologists have generally asked their patients to come to clinics for guidance and treatment, but tele-audiology has transformed our way of thinking.

Using your smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet, our Audicles audiologists are now able to conduct face-to-face consultations with our patients or potential patients without physical contact.

Not only does this help you avoid exposure to illnesses like COVID-19, but it also helps meet timely hearing care needs that might be impossible or inconvenient due to scheduling or travel challenges.

Virtual Audicles appointments offer added convenience and benefits for every patient, such as:

  • Counseling and support while you’re getting used to your new hearing aids
  • Enhancing troubleshooting advice while you’re on vacation
  • Requesting programming changes for your hearing aids sent through your smartphone
  • Providing a less intimidating environment for individuals who might not come into our office
  • Many more ways to overcome the challenges of an in-office appointment

Through Virtual Audicles appointments, you can now simply schedule a time and speak to a doctor of audiology from home or wherever you happen to be.

Virtual Audicles appointment steps

Virtual Appointments Are A Service That Meets All Needs

Audicles is making this service available to everyone, regardless of whether they’re a current patient or someone who’s never spoken to an audiologist before. Existing patients can use Virtual Audicles to organize check-ups with their audiologist, take advantage of the “remote assist” capabilities of their hearing aids, or simply connect to our audiologist to meet whatever hearing care service they need from the comfort of their own home.

To take advantage of Virtual Audicles, simply complete and submit the adjacent form, and someone from our office will contact you to set a virtual appointment.

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