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There is a stigma surrounding hearing aids that has people believing they are heavy, bulky, and frustrating to deal with. If you are experiencing hearing challenges, don’t let that outdated stigma continue to hold you back, because today’s hearing aids are more user friendly, lighter weight, streamlined, and enhance both your hearing and quality of life.

One of the most trusted hearing care clinics in Texas with more than 75 years of meeting the hearing care needs of San Antonio, Audicles offers a patient-centered hearing care service to nearby communities such as Fair Oaks Ranch. Our highly trained audiologists are hearing care experts ready to back our claim of offering risk-free advanced audiological care with our unique Guaranteed Promise of Service.

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Advanced Audiological Care

The First Step to Risk-Free Advanced Audiological Care

A hearing assessment by a professional audiologist near Fair Oaks Ranch is the first step in the process of receiving risk-free advanced audiological care.

We use your hearing assessment to diagnose the type and severity of your hearing loss so that we can develop a personalized treatment to meet your specific hearing loss needs and circumstances.

Thanks to our 30-day, risk-free advanced audiological care trial, there is absolutely no reason for you to put off scheduling a hearing assessment at our San Antonio clinic and starting your journey to better hearing and an improved quality of life.

Fair Oaks Ranch Has Access to Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Remember those bulky and frustrating hearing aids your parents or grandparents wore?

Put that image out of your mind because modern hearing aid technology, which offers enhanced performance and clarity, is lighter weight, more streamlined, and offers improved wearing discretion. Today’s advanced technology hearing aids also feature connectivity options that make it possible to connect your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital devices with your hearing instrument for an enhanced, seamless hearing experience.

To protect your investment into your hearing instrument, Audicles Hearing Services offers our lowest price guarantee and a 30-day, 100% money-back trial on the hearing device you choose.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology
Children’s Hearing Specialists

Children’s Hearing Specialists

We understand it is difficult for Fair Oaks Ranch parents to cope whenever you suspect your child is experiencing a hearing loss or struggling to communicate due to hearing-related development issues, because our hearing care experts are also parents.

Just like you, our focus is on getting to the root of the problem by using highly accurate diagnostic testing that avoids putting your child through a lot of unnecessary stress.

We specialize in providing a hearing care service that is friendly, welcoming, and relaxing for your child throughout their journey to better hearing.

We Take Extra Steps to Serve Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

Self-isolation due to health concerns, traveling challenges, or scheduling issues can make attending an in-office appointment in San Antonio unworkable.

To overcome these challenges, we offer a video conferencing alternative we call Virtual Audicles, allowing you access to one of our hearing care experts from wherever you are by using your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Audiologists near Fair Oaks Ranch rely on hearing aids as an essential element to provide better hearing that reconnects you with friends and loved ones as well as makes it easier to perform basic everyday tasks. Rather than helping, hearing aids that don’t perform well become a hindrance, which is why we take extra steps to serve the San Antonio area with hearing aid repair for patients and non-patients as part of our basic hearing care services to the community.

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