Hearing Health Journeys

Local People Share Their Journey to Better Hearing

Marlene Patton's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“Before my visit to Audicles, I wasn’t sure if I could afford hearing aids”

“I was in the car with my husband, son, and two young granddaughters. Everyone was engaged in an obviously fun and spirited conversation. Although I could hear they were speaking, I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I felt sad and left out of the conversation. I realized it was up to ME to do something to change things.

“I spoke with a couple friends from church who I knew wore hearing aids. That is how I heard about Dr. Jane and Audicles. Before my visit to Audicles, I wasn’t sure if I could afford hearing aids. I didn’t want to be high-pressured into buying something that I wasn’t sure would work. My biggest fear was knowing that my vision and hand/eye coordination isn’t great, so would I be able to change those tiny batteries? What if they didn’t work? What if I just didn’t like them?

“I found everyone at Audicles to be welcoming! My appointment was with Dr. Jane. She was so welcoming and genuinely interested in me as a person. She understood my concerns, took time to answer them, and explained the process in detail. I really appreciated the low key, no pressure introduction and felt an almost instant relief. The environment was nice, too – clean, well equipped, friendly, and professional staff.

“I’m able to adjust my new hearing aids to different situations. For example, in restaurants, I may want to block out background noise. In a meeting with a guest speaker, I can focus on that one person. I can adjust it when watching television. I am amazed at how often I must have guessed at conversations or smiled because everyone else was smiling. I realized I had been avoiding certain situations – I dreaded going to dinner with several people. I often felt left out of the conversation because I couldn’t hear, especially if more than one person was speaking at the same time. I love that I can hear clearly now and I feel better about myself. I’ve also noticed that some people get annoyed if you ask them to repeat things frequently – that doesn’t happen anymore! The best is that I can understand my grandchildren.

“If you are thinking about visiting Audicles, then go for it! You really have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Be honest about your concerns. Everyone at Audicles is happy to answer any question or concern.

“Perhaps you’re like me and are worried about changing batteries. Audicles has rechargeable hearing aids. They also have state-of-the-art equipment and will easily find your hearing range. They will explain everything and provide adjustments. You’ve found the right place, now do it for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much your quality of life improves when you can hear properly.”

– Marlene P.

Lauren Broderick's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“You will be treated as a human, not a patient”

“My parents noticed my hearing loss when I was younger. I was 3 years old and my mom would be brushing my hair and talking to me, and I would say, ‘Mom, wait, I can’t hear you. Let me turn around so I can see you!’

“They took me to get tested, but I wouldn’t sit still for the test. When I turned 5 and took the hearing/vision test in school, I failed the hearing test.

“I was nervous about trying out new hearing aids. I had worn the same pair (analog) for over 10 years, so the thought of wearing anything different was scary to me. My first impressions of Audicles was that they’re very nice! Wonderful staff. The receptionist greeted me with a smile and Tracy was extremely friendly and patient with me.

“When I got my new pair from them (ReSound), I had no clue how much I was missing! I had worn the same pair for so long that it never occurred to me that I was missing so many sounds. I had never been able to understand lyrics in a song and I had to concentrate really hard on the phone to understand what people were saying.

“Once I got my ReSound hearing aids, everything went directly into my ear. It was amazing! Don’t hesitate to go see them! It’s okay to seek help. Don’t feel embarrassed. Everyone on staff will make you feel so comfortable. You will be treated as a human being, not as a patient!”

– Lauren B.

Lee Fahel and Moon Fahel's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“We often go to them feeling hopeless, and we return home feeling hopeful”

“I became concerned about my hearing when my wife would ask me a question and then raised her voice asking why did I not answer her. My reaction was, ‘What question?’

“I had no concerns consulting with Audicles because they cared for my wife’s hearing needs for 40 years. We often go to them feeling hopeless, and we return home feeling hopeful and hearing better. During my first time visiting Audicles and since then, I always am welcomed when I phone Audicles for help. I always feel awaited when I arrive at Audicles. And most of all, I feel I am not rushed and can visit a bit during the appointment.

“Audicles is the place to seek warm and professional hearing care. Hearing aids gave me confidence and hope that I don’t have to miss a question nor be left out of a conversation with my family and the public.

“Audicles has a variety of hearing aids for all needs. They worked with me to choose the hearing aid I can afford and mostly that I need and use for all occasions. I would advise anyone to do what I did because it worked for me, which is to call for a consultation, express my situation, and listen to Audicles’ expert knowledge of what might be the best aids to help me hear better.

“It is an illusion to expect that Audicles or any hearing aids will restore the hearing loss that God gave me, and after many years, took a bit of it back.”

– Lee and Moon F.

Bryanna Koistinen's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“It doesn’t make you old. It doesn’t make you broken. It will change the way you live life“

“I’ve always had bad hearing since I was a kid. But I noticed how bad it had gotten with the pandemic and wearing masks and realizing I was just good at lip reading. I work in customer service. So I felt it was affecting my job and needed to do something about it.

“Before going to Audicles, I didn’t know what kind of hearing support I was going to get or what options I had. I wanted discreet equipment. Everyone is super kind and supportive and they don’t make you feel like there is something wrong with you. They want to give you the best outcome and comfort they can provide.

“I didn’t realize how bad my hearing was until I didn’t have them in. They went from failing every hearing test to passing it with a 100%. I can understand conversations and not feel left out. And I have better interactions with customers and family.

“If you are debating about visiting Audicles, just do it. It doesn’t make you old. It doesn’t make you broken. It will change the way you live life and impact it in such a positive way.”

– Bryanna K.

Denise Weber's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“I don’t think you’ll find anyone kinder and more supportive than the team at Audicles”

“My hearing loss was gradual, progressing since high school due to tinnitus. By the time I was in my early 50s, it was getting quite difficult to follow conversations if I could not see the other person’s lips. My job became harder and harder to do, as it required that I spend a lot of time on the phone.

I felt left out in many family gatherings because I could not follow the conversations. I was devastated that I had this disability at such a young age (at least in my mind), but I knew it was time to take action. I felt there would be a stigma attached to my need to wear hearing aids. I was entering an area of self-care that was entirely foreign to me, and not knowing how I would be able to handle it was a bit scary.

“I felt reassured and heard from the very first visit to Audicles. My concerns were addressed and I received loving guidance in the journey to better hearing. Although I still struggle to hear in certain situations, my hearing aids have been a tremendous blessing in my life. They helped me be able to do my job so much easier and added value to my everyday encounters. I ceased feeling left out of conversations with family and friends.

“Going to an audiologist to be fitted for the hearing aids that are right for you is so important, and I don’t think you’ll find anyone kinder and more supportive than the team at Audicles.”

– Denise W.

Robin Wise's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“Dr. Watson was so sweet to me and make me feel so welcoming every time I visited”

“I honestly can’t remember when my hearing loss was discovered. My parents realized that I was hard of hearing, but my mother would always tell me that I would make them (my parents) face me when they would talk to me when I was about 2 1/2 years old. That’s what I believed when they knew I was struggling with my hearing.

Audicles makes you feel so welcome and treats you like you are a family member to them! I was very young but can remember how Dr. Watson was so sweet to me and made me feel so welcoming every time I visited!

“OMG, hearing aids have help me so much! I can’t even live without having hearing aids, they are my babies – LOL! I would tell anyone who is thinking about getting their hearing checked to go for it… There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Hearing is so important in our daily lives that if we go without them [hearing aids] we wouldn’t be able to wake up every day hearing the beautiful noises involved around us!”

– Robin W.

Theressa (Teri) D. D.'s hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“If you don’t think you’re quite ready, they’ll tell you”

“I was recapping my SS class and completely misunderstood what the presenter had said, and reported in writing what I thought I heard, but it was completely wrong! Very embarrassing. I moved forward in the classroom, only to discover I still had difficulty in accurately reporting what I ‘heard.’

“My late husband was already a long-time client at Audicles and I was familiar with them. In fact, they had done custom made ear plugs for me at an earlier date. I loved the decor of the giraffes and the friendliness and professionalism. If you count the impact from having a husband with hearing aids – since 1990. Otherwise, I got mine in January 2020.

“I’d tell anyone to go see them. If they don’t think you’re quite ready, they’ll tell you. My first visit in 2019 showed that I wasn’t quite ready.”

– Theressa (Teri) D. D.

Linda Frost's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“I felt left out of conversations and not part of the group”

“I was experiencing frustration. I felt left out of conversations and not a part of the group. I was excited to get help. Audicles provided me excellent customer service and they have a sincere concern for patients.

They understood my frustrations and were willing to fine tune my hearing aids and recommend what’s best for my situation.

My new hearing aids have changed my life immensely! I can’t hear anything without them. I highly recommend. Audicles offers great customer service and they sincerely work to meet your needs.“

– Linda F.

Johnnie and Linda's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“We were overwhelmed knowing that our baby could not hear normally”

“Prior to visiting Audicles, we were very overwhelmed knowing that our baby could not hear normally. We were unaware and did not know much about HL prior to visiting Audicles.

Dr. Board was the best.

She was very compassionate! Our daughter has flourished and is doing very well both academically and socially. I would tell anyone considering an appointment that nothing but good will come of it.”

– Johnnie F. and Linda F.

Candy's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“They make me feel young!”

“I’ve been hard of hearing since I was in elementary school. My children urged me to get hearing aids. I felt very comfortable upon visiting Audicles. With my hearing aids, I now feel included in conversation and they make me feel young. Don’t waste time, do it!”

– Candy

Candy's hearing health story with Audicles Hearing Services


“I don’t go a day without my hearing aids.”

Ora Mae has lived with a hearing loss for most of her life.

She shares, “I was 6 or 7 years old when I learned I had a mild hearing loss. I had used BTE (behind-the-ear hearing aids), my hearing was a standard equivalent as any other child. I was told my hearing loss will progress as I got older.

“Now, I’m in my 40s, I have a severe hearing loss and am considered profoundly deaf. I still wear and update my hearing aids so I don’t miss the sounds of the wind… rain… birds singing… and I’m still able to work with my BTEs.”

Prior to visiting Audicles, Ora Mae didn’t have any concerns or worries about her initial appointment. She remembers being impressed with the “friendly staff” and says that the “services that were offered were a tremendous help.”

According to Ora Mae, hearing aids have “impacted a big portion of my life, that now I don’t go a day without my hearing aids.”

Rating Audicles a 9/10, she says she would tell prospective patients that “there is no need to be concerned. Audicles will work with what you need most to be able to benefit from the maximum use of their services.”

– Ora Mae


“Dr. Board Showed Me Compassion That Warmed My Heart”

Dr. Board, I have met with you numerous times regarding my hearing aids you fitted me with about four years ago. I have never at any time left your office dissatisfied with your service cause my hearing was better as I left than when I got there.

My last appointment May 23, I felt that you could tell I was not myself. My spine was killing me. I tried not to show it but I guess I didn’t do too well at that. While there you recalibrated my hearing aids got them back to where they once were, I was able to hear very well again.

As I was about to leave your office you showed me compassion that warmed my heart. My pain let up by the time I got to the door of your office until I got back to my truck. Dr. Board you are not only honest you are caring as well, I see. I love people like that. As long as I can walk, as able to walk you will be my private Audiologist and your friend if you will allow it.

Thank you for all you have done for me in the past and as well with my last visit of May 23

– Dr. Tracy Board


“There’s too much to see and do in life to let some fixable
problem impede one’s life!”

“A doctor I was working with asked to test my hearing because she thought I was lip reading a lot…discovered I had a moderate hearing loss which I never suspected! I work in an ER and there’s lots of noise and commotion and hearing is critical. I work with a wonderful group of people who have been exceedingly tolerant of my ‘excuse mes,’ have learned to look at me when speaking, and not turn and walk away midsentence. It’s frustrating for all.

“I am on my second set of hearing aids and am now pretty well adjusted. I have to say that the folks at Audicles have been a godsend and very patient with my difficulties and frustrations. I think things were going well until COVID, when we started wearing masks making it impossible to lip read.

“With time, I am continually adjusting and expect to not slow life down at all. There’s too much to see and do in life to let some fixable problem impede one’s life!

“I didn’t have any major worries prior to my Audicles appointment. My mother had a hearing loss and refused to acknowledge it….I’d always sworn I would not do that, so I jumped and called Audicles. They are great people – how could they not be and they love giraffes, too.

“To be honest, I think my hearing aids impact others more than me. I must admit that I tend to listen better because I am not losing half the conversation and being confused/feeling left out. It’s very embarrassing to constantly say, ‘Excuse me, could you repeat that?’

“Give hearing aids a chance…it’s a big adjustment, but I truly think that if I can do it, anyone can.”

– Margot Cromack


“Hearing aids have allowed me to continue to work in my chosen field”

“I first realized I had a hearing loss in my ENT’s office following ear surgery. The follow-up audiogram indicated a hearing loss as compared to the pre-op audiogram, so I had lost some of my hearing during surgery. It was terrifying because I rely on hearing so much both professionally and personally. I was especially concerned that the hearing loss would negatively impact my ability to do a good job at work.

“I had worked with other audiologists before working with Audicles. I was uncomfortable with my previous audiologist, feeling that she didn’t necessarily have my best interests at heart. But I was completely comfortable with Tracy and the Audicles staff from the start. That was twelve years ago!

“The office had a welcoming feeling, and Tracy was easy to talk with, giving me plenty of time to express my concerns. Hearing aids have allowed me to continue to work in my chosen field, where I would otherwise have had to retire. They also make it possible for me to participate in many social conversations that would be impossible for me without aided hearing.

“If you’re concerned about your hearing, you need to get it tested by someone who really knows what they’re doing. Delaying discovery of a hearing loss can really hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I love that Tracy and Audicles are on my team of healthcare professionals, and I have referred several friends to them, who all loved Audicles.”

– Julia


“Make the appointment”

“I realized I was constantly asking family and friends to repeat themselves. I was in denial that I had a hearing loss, due to my younger age, so I felt it was due to allergies. My husband, an audiologist, did some research, realized it was a hearing loss, and sent me to Audicles.

“I didn’t want to wear hearing aids. I have short hair and didn’t want people to see them. My husband told me aids would help but not correct my hearing back to 100%, so I was skeptical and worried.

Jane Watson immediately calmed me. She gave me a hearing test, and she calmly explained my loss to me and how the aids could help me. She also explained that there were aids that people couldn’t see and with my hearing loss, I would be able to use these.

“With my hearing aids, I still miss some of the conversation around me. As the technology has advanced, the impact of the aids on my life has been greater! I’m so thankful my husband guided me in this direction and that Audicles and Jane Watson were available. Definitely make an appointment!”

– Sharon Charlip


“The team at Audicles was eager to check my hearing needs and explain the solutions available”

“While one’s awareness that they need hearing assistance is a gradual process, it reaches a point when you realize it is necessary to say, ‘Could you say that again, please?’ far too often. Then, with the many providers and different devices available, one must, or should, undertake a good bit of self-research in your effort to determine who should one see and what type of device best serves your needs. Can I really meet my hearing assistance need and will the solution be affordable?

“The team at Audicles was eager to check my hearing needs and explain the solutions available. With my new hearing aids, I can hear and understand what is being said without missing something or having the need for it to be repeated. Audicles will provide what you really need in the way of devices without pushing the higher priced options.

– Gary Dicks


“The assistance enables me to be active in and participate in almost any activity”

“My husband had serious difficulty hearing (even with hearing aids) and I needed to be his ears at times. I had never had a hearing test; learned of my own hearing difficulty; went to Audicles for quality and service.

“I recommend a thorough hearing exam. In my own case, it and other tests ruled out a brain tumor. At Audicles, you’ll get giraffes galore, timely appointments, and suggestions of devices for best hearing.

“First, I put my glasses on, then I put my hearing aids on. I realize that the assistance enables me to be active in and participate in almost any activity. I would tell anyone to first speak to your medical professional during an appointment. Second, have a hearing test. Third, go to Audicles.”

– B. Campbell


“I hear things I forgot really make noise – like lids on bottles, drawers closing”

“I became aware of my hearing loss when I answered a question and it had nothing to do with what they asked. The smirk on their faces told me I had not heard correctly – I was so embarrassed. It made me hesitant with conversations from then on.

“Prior to my appointment at Audicles, I was concerned that wearing a hearing aid would cause my hearing to deteriorate faster. I found everyone there very friendly and accepting. I had heard of them from other patients and it was all good. With my new hearing aids, I can hear! It’s funny because I hear things I forgot really make noise – like lids on bottles, drawers closing. The team at Audicles has caring people, offers great customer service, and a quality hearing aid.”

– Anonymous


“I never leave home without my hearing helpers.”

“My early work life was in a very loud environment, with little discipline for hearing protection. In my early 50’s, hearing tests showed a significant loss of hearing in the higher frequencies. This explained why I was having so much trouble understanding people speaking to me. Very frustrating – to them and me!

“Before my appointment at Audicles, my biggest issue was skepticism – I had tried hearing aids before with little success. But a physician friend recommended Dr. Watson, so I decided to give it a shot. Dr. Watson listened well and after a thorough hearing test designed a hearing device to meet my needs – which it did. It’s great to be able to hear people now! I ‘never leave home without my hearing helpers!’

“I would tell any prospective patients to go for it! It will change your life – for the better!”

– Gene Shackelford


“My hearing aids have helped me to adjust to having better communication in all situations”

“I had to keep asking people to repeat everything and still was not sure what they said. I did not have any fears before my first appointment but was concerned about the cost. That was easily worked out. The Audicles team members were all very kind, friendly, and helpful. My hearing aids have helped me to adjust to having better communication in all situations. Definitely go!”

– Pam Martin


“Everyone at Audicles were professional and friendly.”

“I was aware of some hearing loss when I was in my late 50s. I knew the loss would increase because I used to shoot in pistol competitions without good protection. I found everyone at Audicles to be very professional and friendly. My new hearing aids have made me able to still do things I could have lost to do. Research them with the BBB and any other ranking agencies. You’ll find they rank high.”

– Tom


“If you are thinking of making an appointment – go!”

“My hearing loss was gradual, and a nurse told me to ask my primary doctor to check for built up wax. Upon coming to Audicles, it was a surprise the attention I received. With my hearing aids, I am now able to communicate with those around me better. If you are thinking of making an appointment – go! The team is very helpful and they are concerned people.”

– Presciliano Martinez


“I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone to make an appointment.”

“Prior to my appointment at Audicles, I was concerned about the cost of hearing aids, but other than that I wasn’t worried, as I knew Jane before. I was impressed with her superb, interested manner. My hearing aids have made a difference to my life, especially in meetings. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone to make an appointment.”

– Anonymous


“Truly caring.”

“I became concerned about my hearing while in a business meeting when I couldn’t understand a question. I didn’t have any pre-appointment concerns, as my son was a client. My experience was very positive – Jane was truly caring. More frustrating in large groups. I would advise anyone to be sure and get all the financial information, including follow-up care.”

– Harry Smith


“Tracy Board and her staff will reassure anyone needing guidance.”

“Individuals speaking on the TV were a bit more difficult to understand – women speakers more so than men. The only thing bothering me before my appointment was the expense. I was impressed with the warmth of the staff. My new hearing aids have helped some. I still have trouble with some British women’s voices though. Tracy Board and her staff will reassure anyone needing guidance. Their professionalism and integrity should overcome any doubts that one may have.

– Jeanne Parsley


“They treat me like family.”

Paul has worn hearing aids for most of his life. Audicles has been his hearing care partner for much of it.

He says, “I started wearing hearing aids at a very young age, was in 2nd or 3rd grade. So, I grew up with them, and now I am 57 years old and wearing them is like putting on glasses. I’ve been with Audicles most of my life; they are like family to me.

“Every time I go in for some maintenance on my aids, they treat me like family, and I enjoy every minute I am there. They are awesome. They helped me grow up in the hearing world.”

Paul’s hearing aids often attract attention – but in a good way.

“I have friends and co-workers always asking me about them, and I love talking about how far they have come – especially with Bluetooth technology,” he says.

Rating Audicles a 10/10, Paul encourages anyone experiencing a hearing challenge to make an appointment. “I would tell them to go to Audicles. They are honest and really concerned about your problem. If there is a hearing loss, they will find what is best for you and work with you.”

– Paul Dunn


“Make an appointment with Audicles.”

Manuel’s mother has been a patient at Audicles for over 50 years.

“My mother Irma has been going to Audicles since she was a teenager,” he says. “She is now 73 years old.”

According to Manuel, when his mother reflects on the care she’s received, “She remembers how nice and helpful Audicles has been to her.”

He is grateful for his mother’s care and support over the years and says hearing aids “help her communicate with people better.”

Manuel rates Audicles a 10/10, and to anyone who hasn’t confronted their hearing loss yet, he says, “They should make an appointment with Audicles.”

– Manuel Moreno (caregiver for mother, Irma Moreno)


“Objective and helpful.”

Ronald first noticed a decline in his hearing while he was in medical school. He recalls he “noticed difficulty with background noise.”

He remembers that his first impressions of Audicles were “good” and adds, “Everyone was objective and helpful.”

Ronald is pleased with his hearing aids, saying, “They work. I forget I’m wearing them.”

Rating Audicles a 10/10, he encourages others, “Get tested and Audicles can help.”

– Ronald Ressmann, M.D.


“Go get your hearing checked.”

John was unaware of his hearing loss. However, he says, “My wife noticed that I wasn’t hearing the doorbell and my cell phone ringing.”

Concerned about missing out on these sounds and so much more, John made an appointment with Audicles. He says the team was “friendly” throughout his visit.

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, John was prescribed hearing aids. Satisfied with his results, he simply says, “I can hear.”

Rating Audicles a 10/10, he encourages others, “Go get your hearing checked.”

– John Ames


“It will change your life.”

Cynthia’s hearing loss was making her workday a frustrating one. She recalls, “I could not communicate with my patients, co-workers, or referring physicians.”

She knew this couldn’t continue; however, Cynthia says the cost of hearing aids initially weighed on her mind. Nevertheless, she felt positive about her decision to contact Audicles. “I knew Jane forever,” she says. “She is trusted and well-respected.”

With her hearing aids, Cynthia says her life has “totally changed.” She explains, “I can hear and be functional again.”

Rating Audicles a 10/10, she encourages anyone with a hearing challenge to make an appointment. “It will change your life… No one cares that you wear them, only that you can communicate with them,” says Cynthia.

– Cynthia Alexander


“Professional, unassuming, and pleasant.”

Terry was certain that she didn’t have a hearing loss. Her husband, however, was convinced she did.

She recalls, “My husband told me I needed hearing aids. I didn’t believe him. I got tested and then I knew.”

Prior to her appointment at Audicles, Terry was confident in her decision to visit them. “My husband (a PA) referred all his patients to Audicles and Dr. Jane Watson. He said she was the BEST. He was right,” she says.

Terry shares that the Audicles team was “professional, unassuming, and pleasant” during her appointment, which resulted in a prescription for hearing aids.

Pleased with the care she received and the results, Terry gives Audicles a 10/10 rating. She advises others, “Go with the best at Audicles and get the best ones you can afford and wear them.”

– Terry Lothery

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