10 Reasons Our Patients Choose Audicles

1. More Than 75 Years Of Experience

Rooted in the community for 75 years, Audicles has helped thousands of patients hear better by raising awareness for healthy hearing and providing professional hearing care. Having been here as long as we have, we’ve cared for several generations of San Antonians from the same family.

2. Hearing Care For All Ages

Hearing loss affects people of all ages. In addition to providing world-class hearing care for adults, Audicles has established a reputation as one of San Antonio’s leading children’s hearing loss specialists. Our waiting room with toys and books, our doctors of audiology are fun to work with, making for a more comfortable experience at our clinic for your child.

3. Our Unique Guaranteed Promise Of Service

Our primary purpose is to meet the hearing care needs of our patients. We do that by following our Guaranteed Promise of Service, ten promises we’ve written down and share with everyone who walks through the door at Audicles.

4. Veterans Get Special Treatment

We love and support our veterans. They’re our heroes. That’s why Audicles has been fitting hearing aids for the VA and applying compelling discounts for active military, former military, and their spouses.

5. 70% Of Our Patients Are Referrals

You know you’re making an impact on the community when word of mouth is the primary means of gaining new patients. At least 70% of Audicles patients come from referrals made by San Antonio families, friends, neighbors, physicians, and organizations. We chalk this up to the fact that we take the promises of our Guaranteed Promise of Service seriously.

6. Giving Back To Our Community

Because we love being part of the San Antonio community, and Audicles wouldn’t be here without the people we serve, it’s important to us to give back. Giving back means working closely with “Aid the Silent” and “Deaf Dreams,” providing reconditioned hearing aids and the necessary support to those in need.

7. Leading Doctors Of Audiology

Our audiologists are licensed doctors of audiology with the professional training, expertise, and experience to provide the highest level of hearing care in the area, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re being cared for by true experts.

8. Advanced Level Hearing Aid Technology

We’re all about providing personalized service to each one of our patients. Advanced level hearing aid technology is among the ways Audicles is able to ensure that our patients have every opportunity to enjoy better hearing and the improved quality of life that goes along with it.

9. Lifelong Hearing Care Partners

You won’t find a “one-n-done” or “one-size-fits-all” approach at Audicles because that’s not how you build a lifelong partnership. Your hearing care needs to change over time, and we’re looking out for you, which is why we commit ourselves to an ongoing, lifelong partnership for better hearing.

10. Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits

Working out exactly what hearing care services and equipment your insurance policy covers can be a nightmare. To make sure that you receive everything you’re entitled to from your insurance company, we have an insurance specialist on the Audicles team. Our insurance specialist knows how to read the fine print as well as how to work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits so you can receive the highest level of hearing care.

Team of audiologists at Audicles Hearing Services

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