7 Reasons Our Patients Choose Audicles

#1 - Rooted in the Community Since 1944

With 80 years of experience, Audicles has been the hearing care partner of tens of thousands of local people and multiple generations of families, establishing us as one of longest-standing independent hearing care clinics in the country.

With a rich history and 8 decades of experience, you benefit from being the beneficiary of the lessons, experience and education that has been passed from generation to generation from helping tens of thousands of people to achieve better hearing.

#2 - 70% of People Say The Nicest Things

70% of all new patients that walk through Audicles doors are as a result of referrals from other delighted patients.

Delivering a service and experience worth talking about has been a core part of our DNA, and it fill us with great joy that we’re able to help more people as a result of referrals.

#3 - Access to All Levels of Technology

As a proudly independent clinic, we are not aligned to one specific hearing aid manufacturer, which means that you are not asked to compromise on the options available to you.

Instead, we can find the perfect hearing technology to meet your unique circumstances, lifestyle and budget. You’re the priority.

#4 - Hearing Expertise For All Ages

Hearing loss affects people of all ages. In addition to providing world-class hearing care for adults, Audicles has established a reputation as one of San Antonio’s leading children’s hearing loss specialists.

If you have a child who is experiencing hearing challenges, we understand how daunting this can be. Therefore, we focus on making your child’s experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

From toys and books in the waiting room to a fun Doctor of Audiology – we understand that working on your child’s level and timeline is more important to them working on ours.

#5 - You Could Call Us Tech Nerds!

We’re complete tech nerds when it comes to all things related to hearing! Through staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations, and being on first-name terms with the big-wigs in hearing aid manufacturing, we do all that we can to make sure that you receive the absolute best care and guidance

#6 - Trusted by Many Local Physicians

Being the hearing care professionals that local doctors and medical experts vouch for is something we cherish deeply. Their trust in us isn’t just given, it’s earned.

We’ve done this through our relentless pursuit of excellence and the exceptional care we provide to all our patients. You can rely on our expertise, a fact echoed by the praise we continually receive from the medical community.

#7 - You Benefit from Our Independence

Better hearing is a journey, not a destination. Like any journey, you want to ensure you have somebody trusted behind the wheel, understand that you may hit a bump in the road, and know that your best interests are always the key priority.

As a proudly independent business, we understand that we ONLY win when you win.

That’s why we promise, with our hand on our heart, that we will always be your partners on this journey, treat you like a person and not a number, and do everything in our power to repay the trust that you put into us.

Team of audiologists at Audicles Hearing Services
Newspaper Print from 1944 Covering Sonotone, now known as Audicles Hearing Services.


Audicles Hearing Services opened in downtown San Antonio, and was known Sonotone, a franchise office. At that time, audiologists were not allowed to dispense hearing aids, and the office was run by Arthur Gilbert Small, who was a Hearing Aid Dispenser. Mrs. Gretta Small helped run the company.

Photo of Carrol Green, 1971


Mr. Small decided to become a multiline company and changed the name of the company to Audicles, which was a word for hearing aids that was used in the 1930s. Mr. Small’s daughter, Carrol Green, a second generation Hearing Aid Dispenser, left a career in teaching to help her family run the business. Carrol became the owner of Audicles Hearing Services when her parents retired.

Photo of Jane Watson, 1982


Carrol Green asked audiologist Jane Watson to join the staff to help expand the practice in the area of pediatrics. Jane has worked at the University Hospital from 1975 to 1982 and referred hearing aid candidates to Audicles Hearing Services for fittings. The partnership was perfect and combined both the art of hearing aid fitting and diagnostic testing for all ages. The business, which was originally located in the basement of the M&S Tower, eventually moved up to a larger space on the second floor of that building.
Jane Watson & Carrol Green, 1990


Audicles had several satellite offices and needed to have a secondary office north of downtown. A location in the northwest part of the city was chosen, and Audicles stayed in that location for over 10 years.
The Alamo Towers in San Antonio, TX


Due to continued growth of the northside location, Carrol and Jane made the decision to consolidate the two offices into a more central location near the San Antonio airport. The Alamo Towers was a great location for 18 years as the office expanded and added a second sound booth.


Jane Watson obtained her Au.D. at the PCO School of Audiology (now Salus University) at the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Tracy Board of Audicles Hearing Services, 2004


Dr. Tracy Board joined the Audicles team in 2004, after completing her Externship in Audiology at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children and her Au.D. from The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Board became the pediatric specialist of the office and quickly settled into the practice.


Dr. Jane Watson became the owner of Audicles Hearing Services. She and Carrol Green continued to work side by side to grow the company and serve the people of Central and South Texas.
Debra DeLeon, Audiology Assistant at Audicles Hearing Services


Debbie DeLeon joined the team as an Assistant to the audiologists. She quickly became loved and trusted by the patients of Audicles Hearing Services.


Carrol Green retired from Audicles Hearing Services and moved to Wylie, Texas to spend time with her family.


Front office staff is the backbone of any establishment and we have the best! Lucy Munoz joined the staff in 2015, and became the Office Manager in 2020.
A Photo of Eli Hernandez


Eli Hernandez joined the staff as an Extern in Audiology while finishing his Au.D. at Texas Tech University. He was such a perfect fit for Audicles that he stayed on after the completion of his degree!


Audicles celebrated 75 years of service in San Antonio – what a fun event to celebrate with loyal patients and friends. Also this year, Audicles moved into the Energy Plaza building, just two blocks away from their previous location. It was the perfect spot with the exact amount of space to accommodate all of the staff and equipment.


Dr. Tracy Board took ownership of Audicles, a plan long in the making. When COVID hit a few short months later, Dr. Board led the team through the pandemic without furloughing any staff and finding unique industry-first ways to continue taking care of patients.
Dr. Kelly Garcia, Audiologist at Audicles Hearing Services


Audicles welcomed Dr. Kelly Garcia to the Audiology team. After completing her Au.D. at The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Garcia worked in an ENT office and with veterans, and finally found her home as a private practice Audiologist at Audicles Hearing Services.

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