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Prescription hearing aids are an essential piece of equipment for those who need a little extra help when it comes to hearing and communicating with others. They help you connect with friends and loved ones and carry out basic everyday tasks, but when these amazing pieces of technology don’t perform as designed, it can be very frustrating.

To overcome the challenges of underperforming or non-functioning hearing aids, the Audicles Hearing Services team now offers hearing aid repairs. Whether you take advantage of Virtual Audicles for troubleshooting or programming support or bring them by the office for maintenance and/or repair, we’ve got you covered.

Hearing aids being repaired at Audicles Hearing Services in San Antonio, TX
ReSound, Widex, Oticon, Phonak hearing aid repair

Audicles Partners With Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers

The choices we offer our patients include a broad range of technologies from brand name manufacturers, like:

Our partnerships mean that our hearing aid technicians are able to find the right solution to fix your hearing aids.

Receive a Valuation Quote on Your Existing Hearing Aids

Available on all manufacturers and model (includes over-the-counter, PSAP’s or prescription devices)

If you’re exploring new hearing technology, and you’re an existing hearing aid wearer, then you may benefit from receiving a valuation quote on your existing technology.

Based on the manufacturer, model, age and condition - we’ll calculate a generous valuation on your devices that you could utilize as part of a trade-in towards new technology.

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Three Common Hearing Aid Repair Issues

We’ve repaired thousands of hearing aids over the years and come to realize
that the majority of repair issues fall into one of three categories.


Wax buildup penetrates into the delicate electronic components and causes them to malfunction.


Excessive moisture leads to shorting or the interruption of connections due to corrosion.


Broken components and loose wires from daily wear, dropping, and/or stepping on your device, as well as faulty components.
Quick Tip: You can avoid most of these issues if you develop a faithful habit of daily cleaning and care of your hearing aids, avoid getting them wet, and perform frequent inspections of your device to identify problems before they get worse. Similar to how regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance extend the life of your car, deep cleaning and scheduled maintenance of your hearing aids also improve their level of performance and longevity.
Hearing instrument specialist fixing a hearing aid

The Repair Service

The good news is that our specialists have the right know-how and equipment to get you fast, effective results if you run into a problem with your hearing aids.

In most cases, we can quickly diagnose your hearing aid issue and then get them back to full working order while you wait.

However, if your device is completely broken or the problem is beyond what our team of experts is able to resolve in the office, we’ll find a solution by contacting your hearing aid manufacturer.

In some cases, we’ll have to send them to the manufacturer for repair, which means we’ll send them via Federal Express or DHL so that you get them back as soon as possible, but those delivery services will cost a little extra.

Our Loaner Service

An added advantage of working with our experts is the fact that we have plenty of reconditioned hearing aids available, so if we can’t have your hearing aid back to you quickly, we’ll be able to provide you with a loaner pair until we can.

Your loaner pair will be as close as possible to your regular pair, but they may not be perfect.

However, they’ll do in a pinch, making it possible to continue your regular daily schedule without interruption.

Loaner device provided by Audicles Hearing during hearing aids repairs & services

FAQs About Hearing Aid Repair

Q. How Much Do Hearing Aid Repairs Cost?

A. If we are able to repair your hearing aid in the office, the cost may be as low as $75. If the aid has to be sent to a hearing aid repair factory, the cost will range from $300 to $500, depending on the age of the hearing aid and the length of the warranty provided with the repair.

Q. Why Should I Trust You To Fix My Hearing Aids?

A. Audicles has been repairing and servicing hearing aids for over 76 years, and every year we are able to repair hundreds of aids for clients, many without even having to send the hearing aid to a factory to be repaired!

Q. Can’t I Just Repair My Hearing Aid At Home?

A. No. Outside of daily cleaning, keeping them dry, and changing batteries, you need to leave any hearing aid repair to the experts. In addition to invalidating the warranty on your device, you can do a lot of damage to the delicate technology included in your hearing aids and damage the programmed settings that are designed to provide you with very specific hearing assistance.

Q. Should I Replace Or Repair My Hearing Aids?

A. In some cases, repairs might cost more than replacement, but that’s usually not the case. If the damage is irreversible, replacement might be your best option, and it might be covered by your device manufacturer. If your hearing aids have a long history of needing repair, are out of warranty, or are approaching or beyond five years of service, replacement makes a lot of sense, especially if you consider the advantages of more advanced technology.

Q. How Long Will Repairs Take?

A. There’s no set amount of time for how long a repair might take. Severe damage, which might require the device to be sent to the manufacturer, will take longer than minimal damage that can be repaired in the office. Checking your device when you clean it in order to identify minor damage before it becomes worse can shorten repair time as well.

Schedule A Hearing Aid Repair Appointment

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We have the equipment and expertise to solve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

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