If you suspect you have a hearing loss, the thought of visiting an audiologist can be a little overwhelming, especially for a patient on their first visit as they do not know what to expect – they don’t know what happens during a hearing test.

Hearing loss can affect absolutely anyone, of any age and it progresses so gradually that it can often be hard to notice at first until the time where symptoms cannot be mistaken. Because hearing loss can have a detrimental effect on other aspects of a person’s life and wellness, it is so important to make the decision to visit an audiologist who can diagnose and treat you, but more than that, create an ongoing relationship whereby your hearing health is checked yearly to ensure the best plan of action for you as an individual.

The hearing test will not only determine if you do have a hearing loss but also how mild or severe it is.  Your audiologist will also be able to discuss any treatment options and define the type of hearing loss that you have and whether any medical treatment might be needed.

Getting to know you

The first step when visiting a hearing healthcare specialist will be discussing your own personal and familial medical and hearing health history.  You can discuss your concerns and share your experiences that have led to you making an appointment for a hearing health check.  Because there are so many varied causes of hearing loss, it’s really helpful for our professionals to know about a patient’s history because there could be genetic reasons for hearing loss or something medical related such as ear infections, allergies, impacted ear wax, and even head colds. Our expert will also need to know if you have ever suffered any head or ear trauma as this type of injury can result in hearing loss.

The hearing test

The most important thing to note here is that hearing tests are totally painless and they are non-invasive.

You will wear headphones that are connected to an audiometer – this is an instrument that conducts the test.

Part of the test is looking at pure tone audiometry where you will listen to tones at varying pitches and volumes. Your hearing care professional provides instructions through the headphones you are wearing and you need to listen to the tones and respond to each one you can hear. Each time you hear a sound, you will click a button. The test is looking to find out the softest sounds you are able to hear.

Another aspect we look at is speech audiometry. The process is very similar to that of the pure tone section but with speech audiometry, the sounds you hear will be words instead of tones. We use recorded or live speech and evaluate the softest speech sounds you can hear. You will be asked to repeat the words you can hear back to the hearing healthcare practitioner; this test looks at your word recognition ability and your ability to understand speech.

Sometimes, the practitioner may want to perform tympanometry which tests your acoustic reflexes. A soft plug is placed in the ear which measures just how well your eardrum moves and also measures the middle ear muscles’ reflex response.

It’s as straightforward as that for you – absolutely nothing to be concerned about.  It’s quick, painless, and you don’t have to wait for the results either.

Your results

After the test is complete, we will sit down and discuss your results with you right away, avoiding an anxious wait. We will show you a graph called an audiogram. There are two lines on the chart, one for each ear, and it’s a visual representation of the softest sounds you were able to hear during the hearing test. From this graph, we can determine whether you do have a hearing loss and the degree of hearing loss you have.

Results are always explained thoroughly. You can ask us as many questions as you like and if treatment is needed, we will go through all of your options with you in detail to help you make an informed decision that is best for you.  If hearing aids would be a good option for you, we can recommend which ones would be best. It’s completely up to you if you decide to purchase any hearing aids, but we will be sure to discuss the consequences of not following up with any recommendations that have been made based on the results of your hearing test.

Whatever you decide, you can be confident you will receive the very best care and be provided with all of the information you need to make your final decision.

If you feel the time is right to get booked in for a hearing health check, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Audicles.


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Dr. Tracy Board Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Tracy Board Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Board began her career in audiology after completing her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and the doctoral program at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has been fortunate to work in a plethora of healthcare and educational settings. As a result, she has perfected the art of effective adult and pediatric treatment. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Board works directly with her state and national organizations to not only improve the quality of audiological healthcare in Texas, but also to advocate for her patients.
What Was Betty's First Experience at Audicles Like ...
“My first sign of hearing loss was gradually realizing that I couldn’t hear and was missing too much. My first impressions of Audicles were that I would recommend them, they had a good reputation and local. I knew that I needed help and found them very easy to work with, very thorough and very likable. Hearing aids have impacted my life a great deal, I was missing too much of what was going on. My advice to anybody considering visiting Audicles would be that they’re an excellent choice and I think they would be very happy with them.”
Betty P.
What Would Brian Rate Audicles Out of 10? ...
“I first realized I had signs of hearing loss in the early 90’s, my biggest fear at the time was having to wear hearing aids and feeling old and deaf. I went to visit Audicles and if I had to rate my first impressions on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a 12+. From day one of having my hearing aids, everything changed, when I take them off the world goes to only 50% hearing, so they really have positively impacted my life. I always recommend Audicles so if you are considering visiting, I would highly recommend and refer Audicles and Tracey Board.”
Brian O.
Dr. Watson’s passion to help kids hear better was very heartwarming ...
“My first signs of hearing loss started in 3rd grade, I had problems with my teacher, which in turn led to having a hearing test, which found high frequency hearing loss in my left ear. Audicles made me feel very comfortable right from the start and Dr. Watson’s passion to help kids hear better was very heartwarming, enough to keep me as a patient for 30+ years. My hearing aids have become a true blessing as I have gotten older, if you are considering visiting Audicles, don’t wait! They truly go above and beyond to help you.”
Donald Kotzer
What Happened at 4 Year Old Hunter's First Appointment ...
“Hunter was just four years old when we found out he had a profound hearing loss in both ears and as his parents we were so worried Hunter would have to live with this disability and would always be considered different. As soon as his hearing aids were turned on, he ran to the window and said “trucks.” He could hear the traffic for the first time. When we got home to his Memi’s house, he could hear the peacocks and he was so excited … it was priceless. The impact hearing aids have had on Hunter’s life is incredible, Hunter says “I am able to live a normal life and communicate easily with my family and friends. I love to hunt and fish, which are two things I can do better when I can hear.” For anybody considering visiting Audicles, we would not consider taking Hunter anywhere else, they are the most caring people you will ever meet. We love Dr. Board and all of the staff, they are extremely helpful and welcoming at all times.”
Hunter Brown
Isaac First Visited Audicles as a Little Kid ...
“My first signs of hearing loss came when I was a little kid, I was really happy when I visited Audicles for my first appointment. Hearing Aids have had a really good impact on my life, I can hear everything! I would definitely encourage anybody considering visiting Audicles to go.”
Isaac Leos
She Always Made Me Feel Like I Belonged ...
“I was only two when signs of hearing loss were detected so I don’t remember my first appointment, but one of my earliest memories was visiting Dr. Jane with my grandpa. She always made me feel like I belonged and always greeted me with a smile and a hug. My first impressions of Audicles were awesome, I remember sitting in the hearing booth thinking I was in a spaceship! The impact hearing aids have had on my life is indescribable, I would not be where I am without the help of Audicles, Dr. Jane went above and beyond to help me. I would say to anybody considering visiting Audicles, what are you waiting for?”
Jaret Gunn
There is Never a Better Time to Do It Than The Present ...
“I noticed the first signs of hearing loss at work, as I work with children in my teaching job, I found it harder and harder to hear them. My family were also giving me a hard time about the TV volume. I was so ready to increase my quality of life and not miss anything so I had no fears about visiting Audicles for my first appointment. I was made to feel right at home! They were professional, kind, patient and explained everything. Hearing aids have impacted my life in a big way, I can hear my grandchildren. I have been able to use mics and the technology offered for a variety of purposes was all for the good. If you are considering visiting Audicles, just do it! There is never a better time than the present. What do you have to lose?”
Kim M.
My First Signs of Hearing Loss Were ...
“I was really pleased with my first visit to Audicles, first impressions were very good, everyone is very nice and helpful. Wearing hearing aids has positively impacted my life as I can hear things now that I did not realize I was missing. If you are considering visiting Audicles I would say to go, you can’t find a better service.”
Loretta Anton