Meet Aaliyah Paredes

Prior to joining the Audicles team, Aaliyah worked as an event coordinator within the affordable housing sector.

As our patient care coordinator, Aaliyah’s day revolves around ensuring our patients are well looked after. Whether it is welcoming visitors with a warm smile or resolving any questions or concerns over the phone, Aaliyah strives to put patients at ease.

Outside of work, Aaliyah enjoys helping others and spending time with her family, including her three siblings. She is also a proud aunt to three beautiful children.

Aaliyah Paredes, Patient Care Coordinator

1. If you could have a career other than Audicles, what would it be?

A social worker.

2. What’s your favorite Disney movie?


3. Who would your ideal dinner guest be?

Will Smith

4. What’s your favorite chocolate bar?


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