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Our Mission

Our passion is helping you live a better and more fulfilled life by giving you back one of your most basic senses - your hearing.


We are guided by our commitment to personal attention. With improved hearing comes something remarkable - a reconnection with families and loved ones. Our job is to help make those connections. When we hear stories of our patients who now spend more quality time with their family and friends because of better hearing, we know it’s all worthwhile. We strive to deliver innovative products, value, and an exceptional patient experience.


Audicles Hearing Services started in 1944 as Sonotone of San Antonio. Arthur and Gretta Small took over the office in 1958 and later welcomed daughter Carrol Green to the staff in 1971. Jane Watson joined Audicles in 1982 as the staff audiologist. The combined strengths of hearing aid dispenser and audiologist gave Audicles the leading edge in providing a full range of services to the hearing impaired of San Antonio. Audiologist Tracy Board joined the Audicles team in 2004 and quickly fit into the family.


Hearing aids are not something you just buy off the shelf, stick in your ears and go on your merry way. They are sophisticated pieces of technology that require precise fittings and adjustments. Hearing aids also require, at minimum, annual maintenance, cleaning and testing to see if they are still helping adequately enough. Audicles Hearing Services is there for you long after your initial visit.

Advanced Technology

It goes without saying technology is changing at the blink of an eye. Hearing aids are no exception. They are available in many different types, sizes and styles thanks to advancements in digital technology, miniaturization of digital electronic parts and new designs. Many of today's hearing aids are sleek, almost invisible and cutting edge - offering a wide range of hearing solutions to wearers. Our trained audiologists personally review the latest hearing aids to understand their respective capabilities and determine which patients might benefit the most. We research and test them – then and only then will we recommend them to our clients. We apply this same evaluation process with other ear products such as custom hearing protection devices, assisted listening devices, batteries and accessories.