What is Tinnitus?

What Is Tinnitus?

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Patient Resources, Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where people regularly hear a sound in their ears when in reality, there’s nothing externally responsible for it. Some will hear the classic ringing noise. But others can hear buzzing, hissing, or static sounds, which can vary in intensity and cause a great deal of distress. Many people can experience some form of tinnitus during their lifetime, resulting from a number of different medical and social issues.

What Are The Causes?

One of the causes of tinnitus is permanent hearing damage. If someone has a long-term problem with their eardrum, for example, they might experience this either continuously or for a short period. Another is due to ear infections. Patients might find that they’re susceptible to tinnitus later in life if they’ve had a number of these issues as a child. Anxiety and stress also produce tinnitus. Some people acquire it when their body is reacting to certain life events or social issues. Finally, tinnitus can occur from taking medication. Doctors sometimes find that if patients use three different types of prescribed drugs, this can be a side effect.

What Type Do I Have?

When an audiologist diagnoses a patient with tinnitus, they’ll assess whether their condition is objective or subjective in nature. Those with objective tinnitus will have a biological reason for their problem such as a blood clot or an infection. Once identified, it can be possible to provide a cure for these individuals. However, more commonly, patients have subjective tinnitus. In these cases, doctors cannot determine a physical cause for their condition, making it much harder to completely eradicate.

What Are The Treatments?

A high percentage of those with chronic tinnitus benefit from treatment with hearing aids. When adjusted to fit someone’s unique circumstance, these devices can distract them from the ringing sensation and reduce the intensity and frequency of what they hear. In other less severe cases, patients may ease their symptoms by listening to radio broadcasts or background music through headphones. They may also find that lifestyle changes, such as meditation and breathing techniques, offer an effective solution, especially if their condition is anxiety or stress-related.

What if I’m Concerned?

If you have tinnitus either continuously or at certain points in time, the best thing to do is book a hearing evaluation with a certified audiologist. At Audicles, our experienced doctors can examine your condition and get to the root of the problem, and we have a wide range of techniques for vastly improving the lives of sufferers. Tinnitus is a condition that people often struggle with for years without proper diagnosis. Make sure you consult a doctor before letting the problem worsen.

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