You will be delighted with Pasha’s menu

Pasha Mediterranean Grill

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Audicles loves shopping local, and we’ll be posting about some of our favorite San Antonio haunts right here as Love Local spotlights so our clients can benefit from what we’ve discovered too.

As a small business owner myself, I understand that spending locally is what allows our community to thrive – not only by supporting fantastic businesses but also by helping those businesses support those around them!

These people put their heart and souls into their work and strive to make sure that every patron has the best experience possible. I would always rather spend my money at a local establishment, where it is appreciated and benefits those in my community, than at a large, big-box store or restaurant chain with subpar food or service.

Pasha Mediterranean Grill

I’ve been a customer of Pasha for the last 10+ years and I feel they deserve to be featured in our Love Local spotlight for so many reasons.

Pasha has five locations spread out all over the San Antonio area, and they are accessible to everyone. Their food is always fresh and provides a healthier alternative to much of the restaurant fare in our area.

I love that their food is so different from anything else in South Texas.

For example, they have a roasted eggplant dip sauteed with onion, garlic, and mint as one appetizer; and one of their entrees is a skewer of Cornish hen marinated in saffron, lemon juice, and olive oil, then sprinkled with kalonji seeds and served with barberry rice and a veggie kabob.

Cornish hen marinated in saffron

If you are not comfortable eating in any restaurant in these times, Pasha is a fantastic resource for takeout too – my family will often eat 3-4 meals from one takeout order! Order now.

If You Have Never Visited Pasha Before…

Get ready to be surprised! Step outside your routine, run-of-the-mill food choices and know that you will be delighted with Pasha’s menu.

This place is suited for all demographics. Whether it’s date night or you have the kids with you, Pasha Mediterranean Grill is a local favorite.

If you have a favorite local business you’d love to see us feature, call us at  210-820-0525. We’d love to hear about it!

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