New Apple Update Listens on Our Behalf

New Apple iOS 14 Update Listens on our Behalf

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Latest News, Patient Resources

A small yet powerful feature was discovered by some on June 23rd, when Apple revealed the iOS14 at their annual WWDC Keynote – An upgrade that includes a sound recognition feature. For iPhone users who suffer from a hearing loss, this could be particularly beneficial.

14 every day alerting sounds are programmed to be picked up by this technology, some of which include, a baby crying, alarms going off, dogs barking, a knock at the door, water running, car horn, police siren, or screaming. If you have the iOS14 upgrade, your iPhone will pick up these sounds and send you a notification – as long as you enable the feature.

Several tech giants such as Google and Amazon have included sound recognition in their lifestyle technologies. While Apple’s sound recognition function isn’t designed for use as a safety feature, like Amazon’s Alexa Guard home security system or Google’s Pixel phone car crash-detection feature, it will make a big difference around the home.

Dr. Tracy Board, Audicles Hearing Services, is encouraged by this technology saying, “I think this is a fantastic tool! I love that Apple continues to find ways to accommodate all of the different communication challenges that people face – whether it be for vision or hearing loss. Very few people will go anywhere without their phone, and this is a new, smart way to incorporate truly useful technology into their device.”

Patients have often asked about baby monitors, and while this certainly does not replace a baby monitor, it works alongside it as an extra set of ears. Now when the iPhone hears the sound of a baby crying, you get an alert on the screen – it’s great when focus is shifted elsewhere like for example if you are speaking on the phone or with a neighbor. It is great to know that our phones will be keeping an ear out on our behalf.

We are impressed by Apple’s continued effort to make life better for all of its users. Coupled with its impressive hearing aid integration, sound recognition is just another big leap forward. We will definitely be putting this technology to the test and are keen to see how much it improves the lives of our hearing loss community.

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Dr. Tracy Board Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Board began her career in audiology after completing her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and the doctoral program at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has been fortunate to work in a plethora of healthcare and educational settings. As a result, she has perfected the art of effective adult and pediatric treatment. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Board works directly with her state and national organizations to not only improve the quality of audiological healthcare in Texas, but also to advocate for her patients.