Why You Shouldn't Treat Hearing Loss

Here’s Why You Definitely SHOULDN’T Treat Your Hearing Loss

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Hearing Loss, Hearing Tests, Patient Resources

Over the years, we have heard many reasons why a person avoids getting help with their hearing loss. After hearing so many – maybe they’re right

Maybe it is better to not get your hearing loss treated, after all.

There is lots of information available to us these days regarding proper hearing healthcare. Most of the articles are aimed at getting treatment and improving your hearing and overall lifestyle.

Yet no one talks about all the great things that happen when you do NOT get the proper care.

There are approximately 48 million Americans living with a hearing loss today. It’s estimated that only 14% of them have sought help and are actively treating their hearing.

With so many people avoiding help and living with a hearing loss, we thought that maybe they are right. They must have some good reasons to continue to live with declining hearing.

If you are one of those people who is not seeking help, then you probably already know all these reasons. Please contact us if we forgot any.

With that said, let’s go through the “smart” reasons to continue to delay treating your hearing loss.

1 – Your Kids And Grandkids Aren’t Worth It

Stop trying to understand what the children in your life have to say. It’s usually not that smart, so who cares what their first words are.

Your hearing loss will prevent you from having to listen to all the nonsense. Thankfully, you can sit in silence and enjoy a book while the rest of your family must deal with the constant chatter and laughter.

2 – Dining In Silence Is Fun

If you’re not supposed to talk with your mouth full, then what’s the point of talking at a restaurant?

You’re there to eat and not catch up with anyone. Why waste time talking to your friends and family over a nice meal when you can just focus on eating?

Another great part is that you’re more likely to be distracted by all the background noise anyway.

Since your lack of hearing clarity means you cannot separate the noise around you from the speaker in front of you, you can happily ignore what they’re saying!

All you have to do is bring one person along so they can communicate with the server for you – that way you can at least make sure you order the correct food, if nothing else.

3 – You Love Guessing Games

Just like when you were a kid and you used to annoy your siblings and parents for fun, you can do that all the time with hearing loss.

Asking them to speak up or repeat themselves will be sure to get under their skin. If you’ve had enough practice, you might be able to guess what they’re saying after the fifth time of asking… If you are really good at it, eventually, they will stop talking to you altogether.

This will peacefully leave you all by yourself to do whatever you want.

The best part is that if they get so annoyed that they don’t want to hang around, you will always get to watch your programs on TV and won’t have to compromise. You can turn the volume all the way up.

Hearing loss gives you the special ability to not be able to communicate with your family – giving you more peace & quiet.

4 – You’ve Heard Everything Your Spouse Has To Say

If you have been together long enough, you don’t have to talk. You have been finishing each other’s sentences for a while now anyway.

You either know what they are going to say, or you know that what they say isn’t important to you at all. Don’t worry – it’s probably not smart, insightful, humorous, or endearing.

An untreated hearing loss means that you can stop communicating with your wife/husband in a nice way, and instead turn your relationship into a shouting conversation that usually feels like more effort than it’s worth.


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5 – Drive-Thru Roulette Is Awesome!

There’s nothing more fun than having to ask the cashier at the grocery store to repeat your total three or four times. Especially when there is a big line behind you.

This could go on all day, but in the end, you just smile and nod and hope they don’t overcharge your credit card.

This also adds an element of surprise because of your hearing loss. You never really know what you are getting after you shake your head “yes” just to end the conversation.

It’s fun getting home from a drive-thru to find out that they got your order wrong, but you couldn’t hear them, so you just agreed with whatever they were saying.

Untreated hearing loss adds some extra spice and excitement to your day by making simple communication challenging. You never quite know what you’re going to get at a restaurant or from a delivery service.

6 – Spend Your Money On More Important Things

Hearing aids are expensive. Why would you want to spend money on something that will improve every aspect of your entire life?

Spend the money on bigger speakers for your TV so you can hear it better.

What would you rather do, hear your loved ones and be a part of their life, or listen to your TV at full blast through huge speakers?

Well, That Was Fun, But We Do Have A Serious Message

We wanted to have a bit of fun surrounding common misconceptions regarding hearing loss. These are ideals that many Americans portray, and we see them every day.

We do have a serious message though.

Nothing should be more important than your health and ability to lead the lifestyle you want. Having an untreated hearing loss affects more than just your hearing.

As we illustrated above, your hearing loss can infiltrate many aspects of your life. It usually happens very gradually and because of this, most people learn to adapt.

The people who do not adapt though are your loved ones and those closest to you. They also suffer.

Every day, we’re speaking to families that are frustrated at their loved ones because they either don’t believe they have a hearing loss, or they’re refusing to do anything about it.

Worst of all, there’s no way to compare your hearing today to what it was once like. This is why your loved ones are often the first people to notice, as they have a level of comparison to what is normal.

This is why we always recommend a hearing assessment.

Regardless of whether you have a hearing loss or not, getting a test can help us determine how you hear. If you have a problem in the future, your previous tests will be a wealth of knowledge for us to develop a plan to get you back to hearing the best you can.

Hearing assessments are simple and non-invasive. We walk you through the process step by step to inform and educate you about the process.

No need to wait for test results, as everything is instantaneous. We will discuss your situation and a plan for recovery as soon as your test is done.

To schedule your consultation with San Antonio’s most trusted hearing care experts, simply click here and complete the form.

If you have any questions or need any help, then you can call us at our Hearing Health Hotline: 210-820-0525

As this article has proved, we’ve yet to hear a good excuse to delay treating your hearing loss – for your sake and your family’s sake, you’re encouraged to take your first step toward better hearing.

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Dr. Tracy Board Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Board began her career in audiology after completing her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and the doctoral program at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has been fortunate to work in a plethora of healthcare and educational settings. As a result, she has perfected the art of effective adult and pediatric treatment. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Board works directly with her state and national organizations to not only improve the quality of audiological healthcare in Texas, but also to advocate for her patients.