Can Hearing Loss Be Cured

Can Hearing Loss Be Cured?

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

One of the questions every patient asks their audiologist when they’re diagnosed with a hearing loss is, “Can it be cured?” In truth, their answer will depend on the nature of your condition.

Those who have a conductive hearing loss may be cured, whereas those who have sensorineural types cannot. We’ve broken down these terms so you can fully understand what this might mean for you.

Conductive hearing loss

A conductive hearing loss occurs when someone has a problem in their outer or middle ear space, which stops sounds traveling to their inner ear.

In straightforward cases, this is caused by wax build-up or a foreign object blocking the flow of sound, which doctors can often treat swiftly at our San Antonio clinic.

But in others, conductive hearing loss results from a middle ear infection. This takes place when fluid accumulates in part of their middle ear, resulting in a health issue.

This is common in San Antonio, where people with sinus issues and allergies are especially vulnerable. If overnight you suddenly can’t hear well and feel congested, it’s likely to be this problem.

Our doctors refer anyone with this condition to ear, nose, and throat physicians who can administer medical and surgical procedures. Within a couple of weeks, their hearing is usually fully cured.

Sensorineural hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss usually results from damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. This type of hearing loss is generally permanent and cannot be cured.

People who have this type of hearing loss often gain it from exposure to loud noises, either overtime or on just one occasion.

For example, if you work on an industrial site where you continuously experience the sounds of heavy equipment, your hearing will gradually be affected without proper protection.

Similarly, if you’re one of our brave military service personnel who’ve witnessed a loud explosion, this could’ve caused hearing damage, which unfortunately won’t go away.

While there’s no cure for sensorineural hearing, hearing aids can improve a patient’s life immensely.

Our doctors provide expert advice on these state-of-the-art devices, and they’re happy to discuss with you how different models could benefit your specific condition.

What should I do if I’m concerned?

If you suspect you have a hearing loss, whether it occurs over time or all of a sudden, you should book a hearing evaluation as soon as possible.

Hearing evaluations aren’t long procedures but are a quick and effective means to determine exactly what your problem entails.

If it’s an emergency, Audicles staff can get you an appointment within a few hours. Otherwise, they can schedule you in for a time that’s convenient.

Are you ready to get clarity of thought on your hearing health? Know someone else who might benefit? Contact us today to request a callback!

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