ReSound Quattro Review

Why The Resound Quattro Is A Game-Changer

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Reviews

Hearing aids have been around since the dawn of the twentieth century. But if there’s one product that’s got the industry talking in recent years, it’s the ReSound Quattro. A top of the range device, it’s revolutionizing wearers’ experiences around the world. Audicles is proud to stock the ReSound Quattro. So what’s so special about its features?

Enhanced Frequency

With their new device, ReSound has expanded its frequency and dynamic range. This might not sound like much if you’re unfamiliar with hearing aids. But it means that wearers gain a more natural quality of sound compared to other models, making their experience as close to real-life as possible. The devices’ improved sensitivity also gives doctors huge advantages when manipulating sounds to fit patients’ particular needs and unique preferences.

Increased Control

The ReSound Quattro has a discrete behind the ear design with a very small receiver. This can be adjusted by the wearer depending on the specific output they desire. This means that those with a very mild hearing loss as well as those with a profound hearing loss can benefit from its state-of-the-art technology and excellent build quality. This is a breakthrough particularly for those that have the most severe hearing issues, who can now swap their larger devices for a pair that are sleek, simple, and lightweight.

Rechargeable Batteries

Another great feature of the ReSound Quattro is an easy recharging capacity, so now there’s no need to fiddle around with tiny batteries. You simply place the hearing aids in their docking station overnight, and in the morning, you’ll receive up to 30 hours of consistent power. This development is particularly important for those with arthritis or sight-related problems and makes the everyday process of using the hearing aids quick, simple, and efficient.

Android Connectivity

For a long time, ReSound offered the ability to connect to Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. But with the new device, this has been extended to a range of other manufacturers as well. Wearers will be able to stream content and receive calls through their hearing aids. But also, they can adjust the volume of their microphone through an app on their tablet or smartphone. Hearing aids aren’t set up to work in every single situation. But with the ReSound Quattro, wearers can now adjust their devices whenever it’s required.

Our doctors are happy to show the ReSound Quattro to every one of our patients. Fill out a demonstration request form or contact the clinic to find out how you could benefit from this device today!

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