Our goal was to gather accurate feedback so that we could find out the benefits and drawbacks of this new technology before recommending it to our patients.

The ReSound OMNIA: Reviews From Our Patients

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Hearing Aids, Industry News, Patient Resources, Technology

ReSound, one of the world’s most renowned hearing aid manufacturers, is known for their groundbreaking technology and advances in hearing aid performance. ReSound is at it again and has released another updated and better performing hearing aid to the public.

On August 25 of this year, the ReSound Omnia was released to the public to mass accolades.

Overall, reviews have been quite positive. ReSound hearing devices are famous for their great pieces of technology, but we don’t like to just take other people’s word for the performance of a hearing aid. At Audicles Hearing Services, we like to get feedback from our trusted patients.

So, we provided the opportunity for several of our patients to take part in a trial using the ReSound Omnia hearing aids. We asked the participants to go about their daily lives and really test out the ReSound Omnia in real-world situations. Our goal was to gather accurate feedback so that we could find out the benefits and drawbacks of this new technology before recommending it to our patients. Each participant was asked to wear the ReSound Omnia hearing aids for 14 days and then fill out some feedback forms.

After receiving their feedback, we have compiled all the pertinent information into this article so that you can be fully informed before making the plunge on this new hearing aid technology.

But, it is also important to discuss what is new and different with the ReSound Omnia hearing aids.

ReSound Omnia Hearing Aids

What Makes the ReSound Omnia Special?

ReSound has been creating excellent hearing aid technology for years, and the ReSound Omnia hearing aids take this expertise and gently tweak the technology to make for even better performing hearing aids.

The main branding of the ReSound Omnia hearing aids is that they help the user to hear better in noisy environments, typically difficult situations for hearing aid users to feel comfortable in.

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What makes this technology different?

The Omnia helps users understand speech more clearly in noisy environments, when compared to other hearing aid technology, according to ReSound.

The secret formula to better speech understanding in noisy environments is due to the Organic Hearing ™ technology. This technology mimics the way the brain is meant to hear.

Another aspect of the ReSound Omnia and Organic Hearing ™ technology is the ability to have the ReSound Omnia hearing aids shaped to perfectly fit each and every unique ear. These hearing aids are shaped to collect sound inside the ear and are individualized for the user.

This perfect fit is achieved by the ReSound Smart 3D ™ app, which provides all the support a user needs in order to enjoy a perfectly fitted hearing aid.

Groundbreaking features in connectivity are added to the perfect fit and speech clarity.

Life isn’t predictable, and the ReSound Omnia hearing aids are made for each and every moment of the day. Being fully weatherproof and sweatproof means the user can go about his or her day and nearly forget the hearing aids are even being worn.

Because of the modern age of connectivity, the ReSound Omnia hearing aids include streaming capabilities from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users will enjoy crystal clear phone calls and music streaming, thanks to the advances made in the legacy technology of ReSound.

Truly, all of these small tweaks have made the ReSound Omnia hearing aids an exciting addition to the ReSound repertoire.

So, What Do Our Patients Think?

We wanted to make sure our trial was as fair and accurate as possible, so we provided the opportunity to a lot of patients with all sorts of hearing levels and backgrounds.

After the 14-day trial was over, our patients filled out feedback forms giving us all of the good and the bad thoughts they had while trialing the ReSound Omnia.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ready to Give the ReSound Omnia a Try for Yourself?

With this comprehensive overview of mostly positive feedback from our patients, and there is even more we couldn’t include in this article, we at Audicles Hearing Services feel that we can recommend the ReSound Omnia hearing aids to our patients.

If you are interested in experiencing the ReSound Omnia for yourself, then give us a call and schedule a visit soon!

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