Oticon Hearing Aids

One of the oldest manufacturers of modern hearing aids, Oticon’s first instruments were released in 1904 as electric Acousticon devices.

After forming a partnership with Charles Lehman, the American-Danish Oticon Corporation grew rapidly following World War II, achieving global status as a hearing aid manufacturer in 1965.

1977 saw the company’s first ultra-discreet in-the-ear (ITE) hearing device, and their first digital device came out in 1996. Oticon introduced the first devices with improved sound sensitivity as well as streaming and connectivity features in 2007.

In the 21st century, Oticon’s focus has been on the development of Life Changing technology based on a Brain Hearing philosophy coupled with a “people first” approach to design and development.

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Hearing Technology Solutions from Oticon

Brain Hearing focuses on supporting how your brain processes sound by providing it with the elements it needs to create meaning from sound, rather than just amping up the volume of sound.

The company’s Opn solution, developed in 2016, made it possible for the device wearer to distinguish between multiple speakers within a noisy environment, while also becoming the first hearing instrument to provide internet connectivity (ConnectClip) using the IFTTT (If This Then That) Network.

Having worked with digital technology for more than twenty five years, Oticon has developed a higher quality of sound and enhanced instrument performance, which is becoming smaller, lighter weight, and more discrete thanks to micro-digital technology.

Streaming capabilities also made it possible for Oticon to provide integrated Tinnitus SoundSupport in their hearing devices that are capable of transmitting white noise and other tinnitus masking sounds for auditory relief.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon’s Genie Remote Support

Oticon’s Genie fitting and counseling tool helps your hearing care provider fit your device, while allowing for ongoing counseling and support without the necessity of an in-office appointment.

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Based on the manufacturer, model, age and condition - we’ll calculate a generous valuation on your devices that you could utilize as part of a trade-in towards new technology.

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Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Audicles

Oticon provides advanced hearing technology solutions, which are among the tools our Audicles Hearing Services audiologists have available to meet your hearing care needs, but you remain the primary focus of the personalized hearing care we provide.

We use professional, comprehensive hearing assessments to accurately identify your hearing challenges and we guide you through selecting the hearing instruments that are best suited to address your specific type and severity of hearing, as well as meeting your budget and personal preferences.

Our ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair of devices from manufacturers like Oticon, ReSound, Widex, and Phonak makes it possible for us to deliver better hearing as well as a better quality of life in and around San Antonio.

If you, or a loved one, has a hearing challenge or you need some help from one of our hearing instrument specialists, request a callback using the form below or call us now at 210-820-0525.

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