When doctors first diagnose a patient with hearing loss at Audicles, a question they often ask is, “What could I have done to prevent this?” In truth, there are no straightforward answers.

In some cases, preventative measures are effective in reducing the severity of a hearing loss. But in others, there’s no way of limiting damage to an auditory system.

Every person’s hearing loss is unique, but there are ways that most types can be managed or prevented.

Genetic hearing loss

Some people acquire hereditary forms of hearing loss. Often, they will be diagnosed before they reach two months, while others will find out later in life.

There is no way to prevent hearing loss that’s been passed on through your genes. But there are ways to limit its impact, as hearing loss worsens over time.

Importantly, those with genetic hearing loss should have regular check-ups, where a certified audiologist can examine their condition and prescribe a solution, reducing its decline.

Noise-induced hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing comes from exposure to very loud sounds, causing lasting damage to a person’s eardrum or auditory nerves. In some cases, this can be prevented.

Some will acquire noise-induced hearing loss over time, which can be prevented with ear protection. If they work with heavy machinery, for example, they should use earplugs or earmuffs at all times.

But others acquire this hearing loss from exposure to a single loud noise. Military personnel may unexpectedly witness an explosion, causing permanent damage, for instance.

If someone has noise-induced hearing loss, audiologists can advise a course of treatment to mitigate their symptoms and help them stem their auditory deterioration.

Wax build-up and blockages

Some people may experience hearing loss symptoms because they either have a build-up of wax inside their ear or a foreign object is blocking their ear canal.

Often, this can be both uncomfortable and concerning. But those with this condition can effectively prevent it by booking regular check-ups with their audiologist.

Audicles recommends patients come once a year for a hearing evaluation, where issues such as these can be addressed. Doctors refer those with the most severe conditions to ear, nose, and throat physicians.

Ear infections

In San Antonio, many people suffer from sinus issues and allergies due to climate and environmental conditions. These can often lead to ear infections.

There aren’t any ways to prevent these from occurring, but those who are susceptible should visit their audiologist as soon as their symptoms take hold.

Doctors offer referrals to ear, nose, and throat physicians who can treat conditions medically. Those that have regular infections can acquire permanent hearing loss, so it’s essential to address this quickly.

What if I’m concerned

If you begin to sense that your hearing is not as it once was, the first course of action should be to book an appointment with an audiologist.

Our doctors can provide a full and extensive hearing evaluation and advise you on the best solution – whether this is medical or physical treatment.

They can also recommend a raft of preventative measures to protect your hearing into the future, so you know exactly how to manage a problem.

Worried about your hearing or know someone who is? Why not contact us about a call-back and book a hearing evaluation today!

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Dr. Eli Hernandez Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Eli Hernandez Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Hernandez started his journey with Audicles in 2017, and joined the team after completing his clinical residency. He has worked in various clinical settings and received extensive training with patients of all ages. Dr. Hernandez received his doctorate of audiology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and his clinical specialities include earwax management, hearing rehabilitation, and ear-to-brain health.
What Was Betty's First Experience at Audicles Like ...
“My first sign of hearing loss was gradually realizing that I couldn’t hear and was missing too much. My first impressions of Audicles were that I would recommend them, they had a good reputation and local. I knew that I needed help and found them very easy to work with, very thorough and very likable. Hearing aids have impacted my life a great deal, I was missing too much of what was going on. My advice to anybody considering visiting Audicles would be that they’re an excellent choice and I think they would be very happy with them.”
Betty P.
What Would Brian Rate Audicles Out of 10? ...
“I first realized I had signs of hearing loss in the early 90’s, my biggest fear at the time was having to wear hearing aids and feeling old and deaf. I went to visit Audicles and if I had to rate my first impressions on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a 12+. From day one of having my hearing aids, everything changed, when I take them off the world goes to only 50% hearing, so they really have positively impacted my life. I always recommend Audicles so if you are considering visiting, I would highly recommend and refer Audicles and Tracey Board.”
Brian O.
Dr. Watson’s passion to help kids hear better was very heartwarming ...
“My first signs of hearing loss started in 3rd grade, I had problems with my teacher, which in turn led to having a hearing test, which found high frequency hearing loss in my left ear. Audicles made me feel very comfortable right from the start and Dr. Watson’s passion to help kids hear better was very heartwarming, enough to keep me as a patient for 30+ years. My hearing aids have become a true blessing as I have gotten older, if you are considering visiting Audicles, don’t wait! They truly go above and beyond to help you.”
Donald Kotzer
What Happened at 4 Year Old Hunter's First Appointment ...
“Hunter was just four years old when we found out he had a profound hearing loss in both ears and as his parents we were so worried Hunter would have to live with this disability and would always be considered different. As soon as his hearing aids were turned on, he ran to the window and said “trucks.” He could hear the traffic for the first time. When we got home to his Memi’s house, he could hear the peacocks and he was so excited … it was priceless. The impact hearing aids have had on Hunter’s life is incredible, Hunter says “I am able to live a normal life and communicate easily with my family and friends. I love to hunt and fish, which are two things I can do better when I can hear.” For anybody considering visiting Audicles, we would not consider taking Hunter anywhere else, they are the most caring people you will ever meet. We love Dr. Board and all of the staff, they are extremely helpful and welcoming at all times.”
Hunter Brown
Isaac First Visited Audicles as a Little Kid ...
“My first signs of hearing loss came when I was a little kid, I was really happy when I visited Audicles for my first appointment. Hearing Aids have had a really good impact on my life, I can hear everything! I would definitely encourage anybody considering visiting Audicles to go.”
Isaac Leos
She Always Made Me Feel Like I Belonged ...
“I was only two when signs of hearing loss were detected so I don’t remember my first appointment, but one of my earliest memories was visiting Dr. Jane with my grandpa. She always made me feel like I belonged and always greeted me with a smile and a hug. My first impressions of Audicles were awesome, I remember sitting in the hearing booth thinking I was in a spaceship! The impact hearing aids have had on my life is indescribable, I would not be where I am without the help of Audicles, Dr. Jane went above and beyond to help me. I would say to anybody considering visiting Audicles, what are you waiting for?”
Jaret Gunn
There is Never a Better Time to Do It Than The Present ...
“I noticed the first signs of hearing loss at work, as I work with children in my teaching job, I found it harder and harder to hear them. My family were also giving me a hard time about the TV volume. I was so ready to increase my quality of life and not miss anything so I had no fears about visiting Audicles for my first appointment. I was made to feel right at home! They were professional, kind, patient and explained everything. Hearing aids have impacted my life in a big way, I can hear my grandchildren. I have been able to use mics and the technology offered for a variety of purposes was all for the good. If you are considering visiting Audicles, just do it! There is never a better time than the present. What do you have to lose?”
Kim M.
My First Signs of Hearing Loss Were ...
“I was really pleased with my first visit to Audicles, first impressions were very good, everyone is very nice and helpful. Wearing hearing aids has positively impacted my life as I can hear things now that I did not realize I was missing. If you are considering visiting Audicles I would say to go, you can’t find a better service.”
Loretta Anton