Hearing Aid Repairs

Offering ReSound, Oticon and Phonak Hearing Aid Repairs in San Antonio, TX

A pair of hearing aids are an essential piece of equipment for many with auditory issues. They let you connect with friends and loved ones and carry out basic everyday tasks.

So when these amazing pieces of technology don’t function correctly, it can be particularly troubling.

That’s why our expert team at Audicles Hearing Services is now offering repairs for hearing aids if your devices break unexpectedly.

If you have a hearing aid concern that may not require a visit to our warm, cosy clinic, you can get rapid support via our telehealth service, Virtual Audicles.

But if there is something that can’t be mended by a person without the right knowledge, our specialists will happily diagnose and repair your devices at our San Antonio clinic.

In addition, if your hearing aids have a problem that requires further technical assistance, our team can contact your manufacturer to find the best possible solution.

If you require any help or have any questions, then either call the office at 210-820-0525 or complete the form on this page.

Hearing aid repairs
Testimonial Hearing Aid Repairs

The Repair Service

We know that you’ll want your hearing aids functioning perfectly as soon as possible if they encounter a problem.

The good news is that our specialists have the right know-how to get you fast, effective results if you run into a problem.

In most cases, they’ll be able to quickly diagnose your hearing aid issue and then get them back to full working order.

But if your devices are completely broken, the team will also work hard to find a solution by contacting your hearing aid manufacturer.

The instruments will be sent either via Federal Express or DHL, so that you get them back as soon as possible.

The Loaner Service

One of the added advantages of letting our experts take care of your hearing aids is that we can offer you a loaner set of devices while you wait for the repairs.

Audicles Hearing Services stock ReSound, Oticon and Phonak hearing aids, and we’ll be able to find a pair that matches your precise requirements.

As a result, when you come to Audicles Hearing Services for repairs, you’ll never miss out on the sounds that are most important to you.


Question: How much do hearing aid repairs cost?

If we are able to repair your hearing aid in the office, the cost may be as low as $75. If the aid has to be sent to a hearing aid repair factory, the cost will range from $300 to $500, depending on the age of the hearing aid and the length of the warranty provided with the repair.

Question: What would your answer be to somebody saying, “Why should I trust you to fix my hearing aids?”

Audicles has been repairing and servicing hearing aids for over 76 years, and every year we are able to repair hundreds of aids for clients a many without even having to send the hearing aid to a factory to be repaired!

Schedule a Repair

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With trained experts on-site, we can give you the right support to solve your issues in a fast and effective manner.

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The Home Support Service

We know how important it is these days for you to have access to assistance whatever your situation.
That’s why our team can offer you direct support via our “Virtual Audicles” telehealth platform.
So if you have a recurring issue or just want some advice about how to solve a simple problem, feel free to schedule an appointment with our friendly experts.