Meet Dr. Eli Hernandez

Elias or “Eli” started his journey with Audicles in 2017, and joined the team after completing his clinical residency.

Eli has worked in various clinical settings and received extensive training with patients of all ages.

He received his doctorate of audiology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and his clinical specialities include ear wax management, hearing rehabilitation, and ear-to-brain health.

Eli has made it his priority to provide the best audiological care in South Texas and looks forward to working with his prospective patients

If you could have a career other than Audicles, what would it be?

Pastry Chef

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

The Lion King

Who would your ideal dinner guest be?

Steve Irwin

What’s your favorite chocolate bar?
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Dr. Eli Hernandez bio image

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