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Latest Patient Resources

What Are The Different Types Of Hearing Aids?


Today’s hearing aids are small devices that come in a range of styles. We explain what your options are.


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Different Types Of Hearing Loss

A hearing loss isn’t just a hearing loss. Learn about the different types and their specific treatments.

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Hearing Health Tip

Tis the season for going out to eat with friends and family. However, finding a quiet restaurant can be a challenge at this time of the year.

If you have a hearing loss, tinnitus, or a sensory disorder, too much noise can make your symptoms worse. If your hearing is good, what impact will lots of noise have on it?

But now there are two apps that can help you out. They can identify local restaurants and cafes that are gentler on the ears. Here’s a brief look at them:

Soundprint: View a map of local restaurants along with their sound decibel rating. You can also test the decibel levels at the restaurant you’re at to see if the environment is too loud. Share your findings by uploading them to the app. To find out more and to download, click here.

iHearU: Find ear-friendly restaurants worldwide. Any location rated four noise bars or less is considered a safe environment. You can also find establishments that offer assistive hearing systems. Additionally, you can report on quiet locations and add them to the app. Going to a livelier restaurant? Find out just how noisy it is and then decide if you want to wear ear protection. To learn more and to download, click here.

Team Member Spotlight:

Dr. Elias Hernandez

Each month we’ll shine the spotlight on an Audicles’ team member. To kick things off, here’s everything you need to know about our wonderful Dr. Elias Hernandez…

Elias or “Eli” started his journey with Audicles in 2017 and joined the team after completing his clinical residency.

Eli has worked in various clinical settings and received extensive training with patients of all ages. He received his doctorate of audiology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center where his clinical specialties include ear wax management, hearing rehabilitation, and ear-to-brain health.

Eli’s priority is to provide his patients with the best audiological care in South Texas.

Patient Reviews

We love seeing our patients, and we love your positive feedback, too! Here’s a recent review from one of our delighted patients:

“Today was Amazing day for me because I finally got my hearing aids. I would recommend anyone to Audicles under Dr. Eli he is so sweet and patient I’m glad that Texas workforce Rehabilitation Center send me to Audicles. I am very happy with my hearings aids.”

–       Samara Carr

If you’ve visited us recently, we would love to hear about your experience. You just may inspire someone to begin their journey to better hearing. Click here to leave a review.

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Lowest Price Guarantee On All Hearing Aids

We’re proud of our service and we’re proud of our fair pricing philosophy – that’s why we guarantee to offer the lowest price on all like-for-like hearing aids and care packages – giving you the peace of mind that you can come to us and know that you’re getting the best care and the best technology, at the best price.


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Dr. Tracy Board

Dr. Tracy Board

Tracy began her career in audiology after completing her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and the doctoral program at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has been fortunate to work in a plethora of healthcare and educational settings. As a result, she has perfected the art of effective adult and pediatric treatment. When she is not at the clinic, Tracy works directly with her state and national organizations to not only improve the quality of audiological healthcare in Texas, but also to advocate for her patients. Tracy and her husband Michael are parents to a little girl named Olivia who keeps them very busy!