Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Hearing?

As parents ourselves, there is nothing that worries us more than our children, so when you suspect that your child may have a hearing loss or may be struggling to communicate due to their hearing, it can be a difficult time.

Not only are you concerned about your child having some form of hearing loss and the impact that this may have on their life, but you also feel concerned about the process of a hearing loss being diagnosed and putting your child through needless stress of visiting different specialists.

Whether we discover your child simply needs the wax cleaned from their ears or whether they need audiological help or care. At Audicles, our team are specialists at caring for children’s hearing health having cared for the hearing health of hundreds of children across San Antonio.

Every step of the process is designed to be friendly, welcoming, and relaxing for your child, allowing their hearing to be professionally assessed while ensuring that a smile is on their face.

If you would like to discuss your children’s hearing concerns with one of our licensed doctors of audiology, then you can complete the form on this page to schedule their appointment or speak to us by calling 210-820-0525.

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What Happens at a Child’s Hearing Appointment?

A Unique Process Created
for the Kiddos

When it comes to assessing the hearing of children, there are many factors to take into consideration including the age, the child’s responsiveness, and the mood of the child on the day (we’re also parents, we understand!).

That’s why we have a unique process depending on the child, aimed at making their experience as simple, relaxing, and stress-free as possible.

There are no intimidating white coats or stressful time limits – our team is dressed casually, has lots of fun with the children, and ensures that we win their trust in a relaxed environment before beginning any form of testing.

Non-Invasive, Simple and Friendly Experience

Once we have spoken to you to understand your concerns, any health conditions, and some background, and once we have won the trust of your child, we’ll ask you both to go into a sound booth for testing.

It’s non-invasive, it’s very simple, and we take our time to work with your child at a pace that suits them.

If you have a smaller child, we generally start without earphones to ensure they’re comfortable, and spend time to work with them to deliver an accurate hearing assessment.

We Understand That It
Can Take Time

One of the biggest stresses that parents have is their concern about hoping their child plays ball in the limited time appointment, but there is no rush.

If your child is struggling or not comfortable, we happily schedule another appointment to bring you back at a later time.

We understand that some kids are happy to get in the booth, while others do not feel comfortable and require much more time to get to know us, feel comfortable, and need the support of their loved ones.

What Other Parents Say About Audicles

The doctors and staff at Audicles are absolutely amazing. My hearing impaired daughter has been under their care for more than 10 years. We rely on Audicles for her hearing needs. They exceed all of our expectations at every visit. Dr. Tracy is like part of our family.

Mark C.

If you have kids with hearing loss, this is the doctor you want.  She’s great with children and her entire office is filled with giraffe stuff.  Who doesn’t love that?She also doesn’t ever settle for good enough.  She will make sure to work with your child and their hearing aids until they are optimally set and if you every have any doubt, she’ll work with you to settle any fears.

Chris A.

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