February is known as the month of love and giving – the perfect time for us to share a selection of the kind and thoughtful words we’ve received from our patients.

So, we headed to our Facebook page. For the fourteen days (Feb. 1- Feb.14) leading up to Valentine’s Day, we posted various patient stories, reviews, and testimonials.

By sharing the love and kind words from our patients, it helps those who are considering a hearing care provider to select the right one for themselves, or it inspires those who want to begin on their better hearing journey to take that first step.

Here are the 14 patient stories that we shared.


Like yours to be one of them in 2021?

Due to the amazing feedback we received, we’re bringing the “14 Days of Love” back next year.

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Dr. Jane Watson Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Jane Watson Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Watson has served the San Antonio area for over 40 years. In combination with her clinical knowledge and passion, she exemplifies quality hearing healthcare. Dr. Watson completed her doctor of audiology training at the PCO in Pennsylvania and has witnessed first-hand the evolution of hearing technology. She has indeed mastered the art of hearing aid intervention and is an invaluable member of the Audicles team.